Sunday, September 4, 2016

Harassment by Paypal

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How Do I get Paid? 
Harassment By Paypal ?
Paypal is a Scam
Don't Trust Paypal
Harassment By Paypal


 They started already!

 If you go to google search and type-in Paypal you will find Two of my glob post about Paypal.
             I still get calls from paypal with no messages even on Sundays and Holidays but that just gives me more to put on my blogs.


Paypal sent me a statement and it look like they added on $20.00 for one month, Did the people at paypal fall out of a moving car and land on their HEADS!

           Yesterday Paypal call me four times and wouldn't leave a message, But they did send me a spam email!

  I think Paypal is trying to Harass me by sending me the spam e-mails after I unsubscribed to them over seven times and they call me almost every day, but will not leave a message on my answering machine. I guess they don't want what they say to be on record. 
   Check your credit card statements and you may see where  Paypal is stealing money from you! They used my credit card to screw me out of $9.00 !  
 They charged me Two times for ONE thing.
 All they want is for you to buy something from them!
 I unsubscribed from their spam e-mails Three times and I still get them.
 I tryed to pay them off and they will say ( you don't have a payment due yet) or your Bank is disabled!
  At the bottom of the spam emails it says " Have Paypal Will Travel", When it should say is " HAVE PAYPAL GETTING SCAMMED".

I have been trying to pay PAYPAL because my due date was 6/8/16 and they say my Bank is disabled, That is a bunch of Bull-Shit.

 I use my Bank every day and I don't have any problem with them, So if PAYPAL wants to get Paid, They will take it out of my Bank with the information I have been giving them !!
 I tried to pay them off (In Full) with my credit card before they used my card to steal $9.00 from me and they said I didn't have anything due, then they used my card to steal the $9.00 from me, So I changed my card # !

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Paypal is a Scam

How Do I Get Paid
Send Money

Paypal used my credit card to steal money from me!

 If you are being scammed, Do something about it!
 Get yourself a blog or two and "TELL THE WORLD ABOUT IT" If you tell the TRUTH then it's not a thing they can do about it!